Three Excellent Applications of Chipboard Melamine in Ireland Households

Conti-boards, alternatively known as melamine face chipboards (MFC) or simply melamine chipboards, are one such kind of board that offers incredible versatility with an entire gamut of applications ranging from fabricating kitchen cabinets to bedroom wardrobes. Note that MFCs are commonly referred to as chipboard melamine in Ireland at times.


As the melamine chipboards are surprisingly lightweight and exceptionally adaptable, no wonder that it is immensely popular with the consumers. As these boards are easy to work with, they are equally admired by the DIY enthusiasts as well as the timber merchants in Ireland.


MFCs are widely used in the kitchen for manufacturing cabinets and frames. Once they are ready to use, one can opt from a whole array of alternatives for doors and numerous accessories. You can visit a world-class manufacturing company in the neighbourhood like the IJK Timber that takes pride in possessing truly unparalleled expertise in the production of wood melamine in Ireland since inception.


As the melamine faced boards are remarkably equipment-friendly, they can be cut into any possible size with virtually umpteen choices for surface colours. Furthermore, edging tape can also be used in the capacity of contrasting or complementing hues to match up with the available options for the given interior design.


Conti-boards are excellent choices for crafting fully customised wardrobes, cabinets, and other types of bedroom furniture. It essentially means that a customer can afford to go for unique bedroom furniture for several times less than what one would have spent in purchasing a completely new set.


SAFETYMedium faced chipboard (MFC) does not pose any safety hazard.Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) releases a cancer-causing chemical known as formaldehyde to the air during the cutting process. While the manufacturers seal every furniture, they make from this hazardous material before selling them, the carcinogenic substance often escapes through a damaged surface caused due to rough handling by the end-user.
STABILITYMFC is more stable than MDF as it is made from thick carcass panels.MDF is less stable than MFC.


Melamine-faced chipboards, or MFCs, in short, are widely used these days for manufacturing furniture as well as various sorts of wooden products.

While they happened to be considerably weaker than MDF in the early days, recent strides in industrial manufacturing technology have radically improvised the way MFCs were used to be made. The present-generation melamine chipboards come with superior properties along with a greatly improved structural integrity.

If you are planning to build stunningly eye-catching furniture with jaw-dropping details for your home or business anytime soon, you should seriously consider consulting a trusted local manufacturer, such as the IJK Timber, which specialises in wood faced melamine in Ireland.


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