Pros And Cons Of Hardwood And Softwood

The task of choosing the right timber for your next paneling, cladding or decking project can be a lot more complicated than it looks. The physical appearance of the timber decides whether it is softwood or hardwood. If you are facing confusion about which one to pick, knowing each of their pros and cons will certainly lead you towards the answer you are seeking. Here they are-


Hardwood comes from angiosperm trees and is known to provide excellent durability and a unique style. There are multiple pores in the wood grain, which only makes the wood denser.


  • Hardwood is known to produce durable products
  • It is easy to maintain and you can fix the dents and scratches without much hassle
  • The dense form of the wood is the reason  behind its strength
  • Hardwood offers better fire resistance when compared to softwood


  • The hardwood forests take time to replenish due to their slow growth rate
  • Hardwoods are costly
  • They are difficult to be used in construction due to their dense formation.


This is rightfully known as the most versatile timber due to its seamless finishing. These come from gymnosperm trees that do not have pores and hence softwood is lower in density.


  • The workability of softwood is a lot more and hence it has a varied range of application
  • These are  renewable resources because they have a faster growth rate
  • Just because they grow fast and are easier to the source, the price is also substantially lower.


  • Due to lower density, softwood is less durable. However, there are varieties of softwood that are quite resistant and include the Yew and Juniper.
  • These are prone to fire.

If you want great-looking walls, ceilings, doors, windows or kitchen panels, there is nothing better than softwood. Both commercial and residential entities can get the best finish with these. The versatility of the material along with a splendid finish is sure to grab plenty of eyeballs.

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