Tiles Are Gone, Kitchen Panels Are ON! Read To Know

It is correctly said that the kitchen is the heart and soul of a home. When people think of designing their kitchens, ceramic tiles come to mind instantly. However, with the rise of avant-garde kitchen styles, ceramic tiles are being replaced by kitchen panels. Revenue in the kitchen panel and furniture segment is expected to take a leap of around 0.9% every year according to market reports.

Some of the advantages of opting for these kitchen panels are mentioned below-

  • These are easy and quick to install in the walls as well as ceilings. The fact to be noted is that they are fire resistant and can maintain its form in any given temperature.
  • Expect a greater variety in terms of design and customization. There are designs imitating stone, wooden beams, brick and even concrete. Funny but true, such an imitation may last longer than the original and is far easier on the pockets.
  • Unlike ceramic tiles, you can fit these panels on your own. It is fixed on the existing tiles using modern gadgets. Another method is by creating a structure and then putting the panels in the designated space within the formation.

With melamine coating, these panels become easier to maintain and resistant to stains and water. By now, you must be overwhelmed with the desire to get that perfect look in your kitchen and therefore you should delay no further and get in touch with IJK Timber in Ireland for premium kitchen fittings and solutions. If you are thinking about Hardwood, Kitchen worktops, and MDF Supplies, there is no one better than us for you. We believe that happy kitchens make happy homes.