Here’s How You Can Maintain Your Kitchen Worktops And Keep Them Shining

Once you are done planning and designing your kitchen, quite often you end up spending quite a lot of money to get it made the way you wanted it to be. Just the pleasure of sitting back and enjoying the view of gleaming finished products makes you happily consider the expenses worthwhile. However, when the same kitchen worktops become stained and scraped, it is more upsetting than ever before. Thankfully, there are some simple steps that you can take in order to make sure that these worktops look good and new much longer than what it would have been otherwise.

Here are the magic tips:

Laminate worktops
Rightfully claimed, laminate is hard and durable; but there are chances of scratching the surface and detracting the smooth finish. Due to this, it is advised that you use a chopping board instead of directly using the surface. Avoid placing hot saucepans or dishes on it directly or it may cause damage.

Wood worktops
Wood is known for being porous and hence oiling the surface will help to keep it safe from splashes, discoloration and even cracking. Wipe up the spills quickly so as to avoid the slightest chance of any damage to the worktops. Every wood has different characteristics and it is advised that you keep the aftercare manual handy all the time.

Granite worktops
Granite is also a porous material and hence will soak in water if not treated in the right manner. It is essential to seal the granite every five years so that it stays strong and doesn’t soak a lot. Once done, rest assured, that granite will literally stand anything and everything that your kitchen will throw at it.

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